Phase 1: Onboarding



The first 60 days of a Sales Representative tenure is the highest-risk period. During this period, new sales representatives will struggle with many questions from clients and some will become discouraged. Textbook does not cover the actual sales skills needed to succeed. Phase 1 of BDP program will train you to boost your business and accelerate your sales with 10 week training program. We do not just provide leads to our agents, our role is to provide you comprehensive training which includes Listing Presentations, Working with Buyers and Mastering the sale/purchase process. In this phase, we will also cover other tools such as MLS training (MLS Listings, CMA - Comparable Marketing Analysis, Commercial & Residential Search) and OREA Forms. At the end of the phase, you will have to pass a test to move on to Phase 2.

Phase 2: Deep Dive


 Nothing builds confidence more than making a sale. We train you to close the sale. Our experts with massive experience will help you put together a business plan for one year alongwith Marketing Plan. You will learn selling skills and how to utilize referral system and potential leads. We will provide ride-alongs job shadowing and In-depth real estate industry training. Our team will do continuous progress check-ins and progress assessments. You will have one on one access to the experts round the clock for any questions. 

Phase 3: Fine-Tuning


Continuing performance assessment and one on one sales coaching throughout. We will help you update your business plan beginning of each year.